Update *emotional*

Last week, I took a couple days off and then got sick. Just a little secondhand smoke exposure was all it took to knock me on my ass with a week of wheezing and exhaustion, and then side effects from my nebulizer, FUN TIMES. Got myself a now-regularly-scheduled IV fluid appointment and that’s making a huge difference so far.

I did, however, get all the posts I’d commissioned up on the blog in draft mode… and fully edited/expanded and published one. And I did the design for Focus.

This week, a friend is in town — yay! So I’m going to go easy until she’s left, because LIFE IS SHORT.

After she’s left, my focus will be…

  1. launching the new features for Growth Stacking itself,
  2. segmenting our email list with an eye towards sending out blog content and freelance goodies, vs agency and corporate and internal biz stuff
  3. setting up the first of our public tool marketing; I’m thinking a checklist

Stats are down again 😭 Back where we started. But I’m not giving up.

Amy Hoy @amyhoy