When stats drop 😿

I took a couple days off to visit friends and we got back last night, after a long ass drive, and I proceeded to have a nightmare last night about dropping a huge drop in MRR (don’t drink Red Bull after noon, guys!!) and… uh… it actually happened.

We lost like $300 MRR in a week — erasing most of our gains.

(To be fair: I dreamed about a much bigger number.)

This is normal and to be expected. The course of growth never did run smooth, said Shakespeare (or he would’ve, if he wrote tragicomedies about business).

But what really gives me a pit in the bottom of my stomach? I don’t know why.

We don’t have a nice, clear audit trail so I can’t tell you what happened, or if there’s a bug in our calculations, or what. More importantly, I can’t tell MYSELF what it means, and if it means I have to do something specific to correct it — or not.

So while I’m working today to fluff up our blog with fresh new educational content marketing (aka ebombs, in 30x500 parlance), Thomas is working to create that audit trail.

Amy Hoy @amyhoy