Spent about an hour with a tax prep post my freelancer wrote — the fundamentals were solid but I wanted to add more callbacks to Noko, the product, and insert a little more of my personal experience from nearly 20 years of self-employment taxes lolololsob.

Here it is!

Things that are good:

  1. links back to Noko,
  2. I was sure to work in some SEO keywords,
  3. nice, specific advice

Things that are not great:

  1. the article just… ends
  2. the only CTA I could easily add was a link
  3. I had to dig up the link to sign up for the Solo account because the one on our landing page was BROKEN. (OMG, embarrassing.)
  4. No broader strategy or category/resource I can link to

But, this is a first shot, not terrible, we can work on improving that stuff as we go. Every Version Better.

Amy Hoy @amyhoy