The weekly activity email

Good: the weekly activity email is automatic! People love reports and our reporting is pretty powerful.


  • “Weekly activity” is a weakass subject line
  • the email is ridiculously long, even tho we’re only 3 people and haven’t been logging a full 8 hours a day
  • clipping is super bad!
  • there’s no click thru target
  • if they have more than 3 people logging a small amount, this is absurdly overwrought
  • there’s no excitement
  • no CTA to add missing time
  • no CTA to see a more detailed report

This needs to be more active and forceful, with a summary of data rather than 8 million individual lines, and we need to have something to do like click to view and explore the full report, learn about reporting etc, etc.

Amy Hoy @amyhoy