The trial expiring email

This email is weak sauce.

  • “Noko trial period expiring” is just 😱 extremely terrible as a subject line
  • there’s no exciting or compelling reason to open, it doesn’t even have a # of days
  • “expiring” sounds like bad milk
  • it doesn’t make a case for using & staying whatsoever
  • it doesn’t talk about what I’ll gain or lose
  • it just announces facts on a plate — date, link
  • it’s kinda “me me me”
  • the CTA is small and weak
  • while it’s fine to offer assistance, this is not really the ideal time? the extra text pulls away from the CTA

The “Noko universe?” I mean, sure, it’s fine to talk about the Nokoverse, but… not now.

My trial hasn’t ended yet, so I’m hoping there’s another email or two. These emails come from our app itself rather than via so they have a different sender name and there’s no easy/graphical way for me to dig into them…

Amy Hoy @amyhoy