Stats Mystery Meat

Just Founder Things:

We’ve added almost $500 MRR but I don’t know precisely how.

Some of it is converted trials — that’s easy to see. But, like, the MRR shot up overnight… while the number of paying accounts didn’t increase.

I have questions:

  • Did a small account cancel and a large account convert simultaneously?
  • Did somebody add a bunch of users to their existing account?
  • Did free accounts or expired trials emerge from the dead?
  • (worst thought) Is there an error?

You’d think we’d already have a way to see this in our backend. You’d be wrong! But we shall be adding it soon.

I’m always saying, “Running a business means learning to live at 80% done, forever.” And it’s true. The work is never done.

Also… calculating stats — like churn, and even revenue — is an art, not a science.

Amy Hoy @amyhoy